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Way Low Maintenance Artificial Greenery is the Way to Go

    There are many reasons why you might choose artificial greenery over the real thing, for example, they’re great if you’re worried about plant allergies such as hay fever. Perhaps the main reason why people go for artificial floral arrangements is because they’re very low maintenance.

    Artificial plants are often used in public spaces, such as the lobby of hotels, workplaces etc. The fact that they’re low maintenance makes all of the difference here. A real flower will not only go stale after a few days but will be much more fragile, not necessarily ideal for functional, public spaces.

    Even for one-off occasions, you might choose the practicality of fake floral arrangements. Wedding parties can be pretty hectic affairs and so if you want to ensure your tables continue to look great well into the night you should consider using artificial plants.

    Flowers can be very expensive and if you crave flowers that are out of season doubly so. This is one of the perhaps surprising advantages of going for manufactured blooms that they end up being more cost-effective, especially when you’re buying in bulk.

    Just the look of flowers can make a huge difference to a space, especially spaces like offices where productivity is important. Artificial greenery makes spaces more conducive to happy, hard work with the huge bonuses that they require no maintenance and last for as long as you need them.