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How To Raise Some Money For Big Your New Purchase

    Gaming can be a costly hobby. The consoles themselves are expensive and you will need to replace them every few years when a newer version hits the market. Then there are the games themselves — not only are they costly, but the more you play, the faster you complete them. This means it won’t be long before you have to purchase a replacement.

    While gaming used to be the domain of geeks, nowadays it’s an acceptable pastime for the entire family. You can be sure that children will want different consoles from their parents and they’ll probably demand the hand-held versions too! The good news is that while consoles and games remain desirable, they retain their value. If you have an old model gathering dust somewhere, there will probably be someone out there who wants to buy it.

    In these times of austerity, there is an increasing market for second-hand goods. Not only will you be able to sell your Nintendo DS online, in addition to other consoles, but there is also demand for other second-hand items.

    Online Auction Site:-

    Online auction sites are one of the most popular ways to sell unwanted items and electronic devices are always in demand. Top brands and designer items such as handbags and shoes also retain their value and will usually generate a large number of bids. Remember to factor in the cost of postage.

    Car Boot Sale:-

    Thousands of people flock to car boot sales every weekend, so if you have a number of items to sell it’s probably worth braving the elements and setting up a stall. You will need to pay around £10 for the pitch and you’ll need to arrive early and be prepared to pack up fast should the heavens open. People who come to car boot sales are often on the hunt for bargains so it’s worth taking along lower-value items such as books, toys and clothes.

    Classified Ads:-

    There are a number of online sites which allow you to place advertisements in order to sell your goods. The local newspaper or a shop window can also be a good place to advertise large items of furniture.

    Online Sites:-

    Online sites offer a hassle-free solution to turning your unwanted goods into cash. You can get an instant valuation by inputting the item’s bar code or make and model and many sites will then provide a courier to collect the goods. Mobile phones, computer games, DVDs, consoles and other electronic devices are much sought after by sites such as these.

    If you have got your eye on the latest Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii, but are concerned about the cost, it might be worth having a look around to see if you have any items you no longer need.

    Having a clear-out and selling your unwanted items could put you on the road to raising some extra money to put towards that shiny new games console. You can even eliminate the need for postage by selecting an online site.

    Tim McDonald has contributed a number of gaming articles for websites and blogs. He often provides advice about how to sell my stuff for cash.