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Women more eager than men to make home improvements


    When people are keen to make improvements to their properties, they can now head online to access all the spare parts and other items they need. Whether they are after replacement parts for their washing machines, ovens, lawnmowers or anything else, all they have to do is surf the web.

    It seems as though women may be more eager than men to get stuck into home improvements. According to research conducted by Ocean Finance, while 45 per cent of female consumers polled revealed they were planning some alterations to their houses or flats, only 38 per cent of their male counterparts reported similar intentions.

     Ocean Finance also found that while aesthetics are more important to women, improvements that create some additional space are more popular among men. Meanwhile, those in the 35-44 age group were more likely to be planning property enhancements than 18 to 24-year-olds. In addition, it was noted that 18 to 24-year-olds were the most likely to fund their improvements by borrowing. Of those questioned for the study, 18.6 per cent of individuals in this age demographic who were planning home improvements said they would borrow money to finance the changes. This compared with 9.2 per cent of respondents in general.

     Commenting on the findings, Ian Williams of Ocean Finance said: “It’s interesting to see how our priorities differ.  Obviously, a lot of jobs add to a home’s looks as well as the available floor space, but our research still highlights a clear male/female difference.”

     He went on to draw attention to the importance of effective financial planning when it comes to property revamps. About this, he remarked: “On a more practical note, you can’t overstate the importance of planning ahead financially, whatever your age or gender. Home improvements can add a lot more than they cost to the value of a home, but it’s extremely important that people get all the funding lined up before they start – there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through a major job and running out of money.”

     Luckily, there are lots of ways in which consumers can save themselves cash when they are revamping their homes. For example, rather than throwing appliances like washing machines, microwaves and dishwashers away when they break down, people can invest in replacement parts. This is an effective way to make property improvements more affordable and it is also good news for the environment as it means wastage is reduced.

     These days, consumers should not struggle to find all the appliance spares they need over the internet. This method of buying the products is quick and convenient, and as long as people know where to look, it can also help them to make the most of impressive deals. This may be especially important to consumers now. After all, finances remain tight for many, with wages still depressed in the wake of the banking crisis and the cost of living on the up. Being savvy with their finances may be the only way in which consumers are able to navigate their way through this tricky period.