Using Hotel Uniforms To Portray Professionalism On The Job

Using Hotel Uniforms To Portray Professionalism On The Job

Hotels are a part of the hospitality industry wherein the customer is given utmost importance. Hence no effort is spared in ensuring that the customer gets the best of service, ambience and quality in everything he wants. It is also very important to make a conscious effort to portray professionalism within the hotel so that the whole process gets streamlined properly.

Hotel uniforms are a great way of making a guest feel warm, wanted and pampered. Hence care must be taken to ensure that the uniforms are well-made, comfortable and trendy. A shoddy uniform can put-off a guest like nothing else can. It is, therefore, very important to get in touch with a good uniform company and get the uniforms made as per specifications.

Different uniforms for different sections of staff

Care must be taken to ensure that each member of the staff gets at least two sets of uniform made specifically for him or her. This ensures good fitting for the wearer and also enables the staff to wear a smart and crisp uniform on all days.

In order to segregate the different sections of the staff, it is important for them to have different types or colours of uniforms. It helps guests and co-workers to identify and recognise them easily. To ensure appropriate uniforms for the full team of staff members the following should be kept in mind and conveyed to the uniform company.

  • Staff involved with housekeeping should have roomy pockets designed into their uniforms for holding the various cleaning implements.
  • Hotel clerks and bell boys should have distinctive uniforms so that they stand out and help customers understand who to go to in case of queries and questions.
  • Waiters and waitresses should have crisp and smart uniforms for serving food to the customers.
  • Chefs and the kitchen staff need to have uniforms which are functionally helpful to them.
  • A security guard should have a uniform which portrays authority to instil confidence in customers and workers alike.
  • A valet should have a full uniform with a cap so that customers feel confident enough to hand over their cars to valets.
  • In cases of casino employees, the dress code has to be strictly professional so that they can stand out in the crowd.
  • Spa and gym employees need to be casually dressed so as to make the customers feel pampered and cared for.

Irrespective of what dress a hotel staff is wearing, it is very important for them to always have a welcoming smile on their face. This will ensure that customers remain loyal to the hotel and use and also recommend it frequently.

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