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Common Pub Supplies You Will Need

    There are millions of pubs in the United Kingdom. The British love drinking booze and pubs provide the locals with the option of leaving their worries at the door and drinking in peace. Pubs play a very important role in British culture. They contribute heavily to the British economy, and many people have lots of fond memories attached to their local pubs. The British take their booze very seriously, which is why pub owners need to purchase a range of supplies in order to keep everything running smoothly.

    Your pub should be well stocked with a range of different beers and drinks. Apart from that, you will also require several other pub supplies in order to provide better services to your patrons. Here are just some of the many supplies that you will need in order to keep everything going smoothly.

    Turn Down Spout

    A spout is like a tube or a lip that is connected to a container (such as a keg). It can be used to pour liquid out of the container, which would be beer or any other type of alcohol in this case. Beer is the most common alcoholic drink consumed in pubs throughout Britain. Rather than taking out a new bottle and pouring it into a glass every single time a customer places an order, many bartenders connect the spout to the keg. The turn-down spout is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that you need at the bar. Using a spout will make it infinitely easy for the bartender to pour drinks out quickly. It will also help in reducing the wait times considerably.


    Strainers are used when making cocktails. If you are running a pub, you will require strainers in many different shapes and sizes. The four-prong Hawthorn Strainer is one of the most common strainers that you can find in the market. You will likely need a measuring glass along with the strainer as well. Certain ingredients need to be carefully measured before being added to the cocktail in order to get the flavour just right.


    You can’t run a pub without having the right amount of crockery. You will require glasses of many different shapes and sizes. Shot glasses, standard glasses and large mugs are all going to be needed at the pub. Make sure you buy a range of glasses to use at the pub so that you can cater to the demands of all types of customers.

    Cellar Equipment

    Keeping the wines and bottles in your cellar safe is also very important. You will need to buy keystone plugs, filter papers, beer taps, bottle brushes, stem brushes and cask taps for the cellar in order to manage the equipment in the cellar. You can order virtually everything you need online. However, in some cases, you will have to go to the market and inspect the equipment carefully before making a purchase. These are some of the supplies you will need to operate your pub efficiently.