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8 Ways to Make Your Bedding Feel Extra Crisp

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    If done correctly in the right way, a good bedding set can improve the quality of your sleep and the looks of your bedroom. A clean and neat appearance of bed linen is associated with a clean and fresh look which is quite relaxing to the eyes but more importantly it offers a comfortable feeling that is cool to the body and therefore makes it quite comfortable to sleep. Here are 8 tips that you can follow to make your bedding feel even crisper: So that you can enjoy the best of comfort and style at the same time.

    Choose High-Quality Cotton Sheets

    The base of immaculate bedclothes is immaculate cotton fabrics of sheets. Choose pure cotton sheets since they are soft, long-lasting, and have the distinctive fresh feel that cannot be achieved with synthetic materials. Of the various types of cotton available, Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Supima cotton are considered some of the finest cottons with an expensive and smooth texture. These new long-staple cotton types give even finer and smoother threads for a crisper and cooler fabric feel.

    Opt for a Percale Weave

    This explains why the weave of the sheets can significantly affect both the texture and the lifespan of the fabric. To have a comfortable and smooth texture of the bed sheet, one should purchase percale weave sheets. Percale is a plain textile that has a smooth surface and is tightly constructed for a non-shiny appearance and a cool touch. In contrast to sateen weave which has a more polished texture akin to silk, percale sheets are famous for their crispiness and sustainability. It only gets softer during each wash, while still retaining its perky feel.

    Focus on the Right Thread Count

    Thread count is the number of threads used per square inch of fabric More details about thread count are given below. The number of threads per inch may give an impression of the quality, but it is not always true because more threads per inch does not necessarily mean a better fabric. While buying sheets, always be careful with the thread count; the ideal range is between 200 and 400 for firm beddings. These appliances offer comfort and durability by having a soft feel and being breathable. The variety of sheets within this range is softer to touch but thinner sheets among them will give a cooler and crisper feel that many people like.

    Iron Your Sheets

    Ironing your sheets is a simple yet effective way to achieve that hotel-like crispness. After washing and drying, use a hot iron to press your sheets. This process smooths out any wrinkles and enhances the fabric’s crispness. For best results, iron the sheets while they are still slightly damp. This helps to set the fabric and leaves your bedding looking and feeling exceptionally smooth and crisp.

    Use a Fabric Starch

    Fabric starch can add an extra level of crispness to your bedding. When ironing your sheets, lightly spray them with fabric starch. Starch stiffens the fabric, giving it a fresh, crisp feel that lasts longer. Be sure to follow the instructions on the starch spray bottle, and test it on a small area of the fabric first to ensure it doesn’t leave any residue or affect the color.

    Line Dry Your Sheets

    Line drying your sheets can enhance their crispness. Hanging your sheets outside allows them to dry naturally, often resulting in a stiffer, fresher feel compared to using a dryer. The sun and fresh air contribute to a natural crispness and a pleasant, clean scent. If line drying outdoors isn’t an option, consider using a drying rack indoors, ensuring good air circulation to achieve similar results.

    Make Your Bed Every Day

    Making your bed daily can help maintain the crispness of your bedding. When you smooth out the sheets and tuck them in tightly, you reduce wrinkles and keep the fabric taut. This daily practice not only keeps your bed looking neat and inviting but also extends the life of your bedding by reducing wear and tear. Use hospital corners to ensure the sheets are tightly tucked, enhancing that crisp, orderly appearance.

    Refresh Your Bedding Regularly

    Regularly refreshing your bedding is essential to maintaining its crisp feel. Wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week to keep them clean and fresh. Use a gentle detergent to preserve the fabric’s integrity and avoid fabric softeners, as they can leave a residue that diminishes the crispness. Consider adding a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle to help remove detergent build-up and keep your sheets feeling crisp.


    Achieving and maintaining crisp bedding is about choosing the right materials and employing effective care techniques. By selecting high-quality cotton sheets with a percale weave and the appropriate thread count, you lay the foundation for a crisp, comfortable bed. Ironing your sheets, using fabric starch, and line drying them further enhance their fresh, crisp feel. Daily bed making and regular washing ensure your bedding remains inviting and luxurious.

    Investing in crisp bedding transforms your sleep environment into a sanctuary of comfort and elegance. These eight tips will help you enjoy the cool, refreshing sensation of crisp bedding every night, contributing to better sleep quality and a more aesthetically pleasing bedroom.