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What Different Kinds of Artificial Flowers are Available?

    There are lots of benefits to using artificial flowers as opposed to real flowers: for example, they last longer, they don’t go out of season and there are no implications in terms of allergies, but what about variety? Well, whilst we can never match nature’s variety we can give it a good go!

    Silk flowers and other kinds of artificial plants are available in many different types, suitable for all sorts of occasions: For example, if you’re planning a wedding then you might want bouquets. Artificial flowers can be used to make very beautiful, practical bouquets.

    You can also get single flower heads. These look just like the real thing and they can be used perfectly for table decorations. You can also get single stems and flowers. These can be very nicely incorporated into a bunch of flowers and are great as gifts, household decor etc.

    Many formal occasions demand a corsage or button hole. Sometimes wearing a real flower can lead to an allergic reaction because the flower is so close to the person’s face. With a fake flower there are no implications for sufferers of plant allergies. You can even get artificial potted arrangements. Such is the realism of artificial flowers and plants that it’s very hard to spot the difference between them and the real thing. This is great because fake plants don’t go stale or lose their magic after a few days.