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Environmentally Friendly Or A Smart Marketing Tactic: The Benefits Of A Printed Bag

    Printed bags and the effect that they have on your brand cannot be disputed. Not only can it help to create a more environmentally friendly attitude throughout your business, but it can also help to save money and boost your marketing efforts. Here, we are going to look at some of the main benefits of opting for printed bags in your business.

    Reduces Carbon Footprint

    One of the main benefits to a printed bag is the reduction of your carbon footprint as a business. By opting for printed bags tailor-made for your business, you get complete control over what material they are made from. By following in the footsteps of retailers such as Primark and opting for paper bags, you can reduce the amount of pollution that you make with plastic bags. Paper bags are ideal for a business as these can then be collected and recycled to create a much greener product lifestyle for your packaging.

    Boosts Brand Awareness

    Another way that a printed bag can benefit your business is through the use of branding. Whilst your customers are walking around the high street they are showcasing your brand to others that they walk past. This is subconsciously making others aware of your brand and therefore acts as a form of free advertising. This also works with social media accounts as you can boost the number of followers that you have to all your social media channels. Although this can take significantly longer than a direct campaign, this is the perfect way to advertise for free.

    Cheap To Manufacture

    Printed bags are also significantly cheaper to manufacture depending on the material that you choose. This makes them more environmentally friendly as the material is easier to source and manufacture in bulk. This helps when you come to replenish your stock in printed bags as they are cheaper to buy in vast quantities than the likes of plastic bags. In addition to this, paper bags can be reused and stored with ease allowing you to keep them in a storage room for when they are needed.

    Can Be Ordered In Bulk

    Ordering in bulk is another way that buying printed bags can help to save the environment this is because less will need to be ordered at one time. This, therefore, reduces the carbon footprint of your business as fewer trips will need to be made to replenish stocks. In addition to this, you can have multiple designs running at once allowing you to pick and choose which branding you want on your bags depending on the current campaign. This is highly beneficial for a business that has seasonal campaigns as they can be ordered as and when they are needed.

    Whether you decide to opt for a printed bag to boost the outreach of your marketing efforts, or you opt for this to reduce your carbon footprint as a company, this can help you to get the outreach that you want without breaking the bank.