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Would Your Ads Remain Relevant If You Make Them And Forget Them?

    t appears very comfy to create an ads campaign once, which has a good quality score and ranks high on the SERP, and then leave it as it is. It is expected out of the ad that it would perpetually generate conversions. However, these expectations are unfounded. Google ads campaigns require regular tweaks and reviews.

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    Reasons To Be Regular In Modifying The Ads Campaign

    1    The world is not still- even if your ad ranks perfectly well at the SERP, your competitors are always striving to usurp your ranks from you. Thus, if you stay still, you risk lagging behind from your competitors.

    2   New players entering the market- it is avowed that Google Ads is the best tool to market your business. Every day, new competitors are entering into internet marketing, thus, if you stay still, you will be trampled by the crowd of new entrants.

    3    Google Ads constantly evolves- Google regularly modifies and adds new features. These changes can be helpful to your campaign because Google too wants you to grow. Thus, knowing about the changes before your customers know about them provides you with the early bird advantage.

    4    Pattern of people changes- Almost 15% of all daily searches are new. What this means is that new patterns of searching evolve each day, thus you’re perfectly designed as might be of little significance someday if you choose to not analyse it and make the required changes with time. Postponing the required changes can be the worst decision.

    What Must Be Your Strategy?

    Review The Search Terms

    The search terms which trigger your ads are always changing. This means that you must be regular in reviewing the search terms. Your frequency depends on the budget of your campaign. For instance, if your budget is limited, you ought to analyse the search terms every couple of weeks.

    Improve Your Quality Score

    The cost of running the campaign is dependent on your quality score. If your quality score is high, you will be required to spend less on the Google Ads campaign to get a good position. Even though your Ad has a good quality score, it is possible that your rivals bid higher and then receive a better rank.

    In that case, you would be required to evolve the existing quality score to stay in the game. Another possibility is that your competitions increase their quality score. This would push your ad behind. In that case, too, you must increase your quality score or place a higher bid. However, if your bid is high yet no one clicks on it, your ad will be pushed down.

    That’s why regular tests are important.


    Google gives you suggestions which, it may think, are good for your campaign. Some of these recommendations are good, thus you must analyse them and adopt them according to your feasibility.

    Watch Your Spend

    If you do not keep a check on your monthly spending, you might end up spending much more than expected. This way, even if your ads generate conversions, then it will be of little help because the overall ROI will automatically decrease. To counter this issue, you should divide your total monthly spending by 30.

    This is your optimal daily expenditure, thus, ordinarily, you shouldn’t breach this ceiling.

    Adjust Buddings

    Your bidding is a deciding factor in the position of your ads on the SERP. Initially, your ad might rank high, but eventually, the rank starts to go downwards. This happens even though your quality score is up to the mark. The explanation of this problem is that either new competitors have entered the market or that your rivals have increased their bidding.

    Search Top Impressions Share

     shows the frequency with which your ad appears in the top three or fourSearch Absolute Top Impression Rate is the frequency of your ad appearing at the absolute top rank in SERP. If your Ad gets significantly low in rank, you must adjust your bidding but if you rank 3 or 4, you can still get more conversions by paying relatively less.


    It might seem easy to create a Google Ad, but it requires regular updates, which are backed by analyses.