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Women’s Golfing Gear for the British Weather

    Like most other sports, to start playing golf you’re probably going to need various bits of kit. This is definitely worth thinking about before you get started, as equipment can be fairly expensive. With this in mind, what do you need to get started with women’s golf?

    First, you need to think about clothing. As a beginner you don’t need to worry about plus fours etc.; however, you might want some lady’s waterproof golf trousers, a warm jumper and perhaps a waterproof jacket. These days you can get things like ladies’ golf trousers online.

    If you’re serious about playing you’ll need a good set of clubs and preferably a bag to put it all in. Different clubs have different functions and so it’s essential you have a good selection of woods and irons. These can set you back a bit but you can choose second-hand clubs if you want to save money, perhaps you could look at an online auction site.

    You’ll also need a good selection of golf balls. These have a tendency to go west when you’re a beginner so make sure you’re well-equipped with a wide selection of golf balls.

    Remember to take your own test, again have spares of these.

    You might also benefit from having a scorecard; you can also get various apps for your Smartphone too which can help you with different aspects of your golf game.