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Famous Petite Celebrities Who Pull Off Petite Fashion Well


    Magazines nowadays are packed with women over six feet tall, with endless limbs and lithe physiques – but Miss Williams says you don’t need to have the figure of a supermodel to pull off a myriad of fashion-forward looks. Take it from these petite fashionistas, whose wardrobes are the envy of all!

    Eva Longoria

    At 1.57cm, the diminutive star of Desperate Housewives has perfected glamorous style, nailing a myriad of off-duty and red-carpet looks. When she’s promoting films or speaking out as an advocate of one of her favourite charities, Eva likes to go for form-fitting dresses – often courtesy of best friend Victoria Beckham. When she’s running errands around LA, she chooses boyfriend jeans and the coolest of accessories – with heels, of course!

    Vanessa Hudgens

    The gorgeous ex-High School Musical star stands tall at around 1.55m and has certainly carved out her own niche in the petite star-style stakes. Based in LA, which experiences year-round sunshine, Vanessa has curated a 70s, boho-style festival look which looks fantastic at her favourite event, Coachella. High-waisted shorts and crocheted maxi-dresses are the go-to look for the pint-sized star – and she pulls it off every time.

    Kim Kardashian

    Her assets may be larger than life, but Kim Kardashian is just five feet and two inches tall. In magazine images, she appears taller because of her penchant for form-fitting outfits. Pencil skirts and crop tops paired with killer heels is a great, flattering look for the reality star – her rare fashion faux pas have almost always been when she swamps her curves with prom-style dresses. Don’t go there, Kim!

    The Olsen Twins

    image004 (2)

    Famously tiny, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have cemented their status as pint-size fashionistas with their own clothing lines. Wildly successful, the twins have curated their own unique look, which involves flowing lines and unkempt hair. Whatever works for them! Maxi dresses look great on these two, as they do on all petite ladies.

    Lady Gaga

    She’s a glamazon on the stage, but Lady Gaga is just over five feet tall – that’s minus her infamous heel-less shoes! The Princess of Pop doesn’t hide behind her height, instead she draws attention to herself in any way possible. We love her skin-tight leotards and her penchant for military dressing – we’re just not sold on the meat dress!

    Hayden Panettiere

    Star of Heroes and Nashville, teeny tiny Hayden isn’t an inch over five feet tall – and we’re sure it’s even more apparent when standing next to her boxer fiancée, who is well over six feet tall! Hayden likes to bare her shoulders and wear nipped-in dresses on the red carpet, keeping the proportions nice and natural to avoid distortion. We love her look!

    So remember, you don’t need to be tall and slim to be glamorous, and with all these celebrities putting the petite frame back in the limelight, the world of glamorous fashion and stylish designs is opening up once again to the petite women of the world.