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Secret Festival Fashion Tips | What Are Boot Cuffs?

    Boot Cuffs

    Sleeping in a tent, limited access to a mirror, getting dressed from a rucksack and no electricity are just some of the problems that ladies have to contend with when going to a festival.  However, just because you are roughing it and taking necessary precautions a little doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous at the same time. There are many tricks that festival fashionistas use to look great no matter the depth of the mud. We asked the lovely ladies from The Spanish Boot Company to give some tricks, advice and explain what the heck boot cuffs are and why we need them in our lives!

    1.      Hair accessories are a must

    Messy hair is inevitable at a festival. With no access to hair dryers and straighteners, the wind, sweat and rain can really take its toll on your do. So make sure you have some hair accessories at hand to disguise the mess of your barnet. Popping in a flower, a bow or putting on a hat can really save a hair nightmare and actually adds festival style points.

    2.      Skirts are not practical

    Pick cute shorts or playsuits over wearing skirts or dresses (unless they are maxi style). At festivals you spend all day sitting cross legged on the grass, diving in and out of low tents and doing other impractical manoeuvres. Flashing next week’s washing is never a stylish look. The only place where skirts may be an easier option is in the port-a-loo. There is nothing more festival friendly than a loose top and pair of denim shorts.

    3.      Invest in good footwear

    A festival is a place to feel relaxed and have the best time possible. Having quality footwear important to keep you comfortable throughout the days (and nights!) It can be tricky to know what to pack before the event but a pair of quality boots should be at the top of your list. Quality boots will get you through wet and muddy weather conditions. They are extremely versatile and can also be teamed with shorts, playsuits and jeans. We have a wide range of ladies leather boots available at The Spanish Boot Company.


    4.      Add some boot cuffs

    Finally, it is time to reveal the number one fashion tip set to be hot through 2015 at UK festivals – boot cuffs. Boots cuffs are a great way to “pretty up” your boots making them even more stylish. They also prevent any rubbing from your boots. At The Spanish Boot Company we have a lovely selection of boot cuffs to choose from.


    5.      Take a bumbag!

    Keep your possessions secure by making sure you have a practical bag. Losing your money or phone at a festival can feel like a nightmare. We would recommend a bum bag as they are small, but big enough for cash and a phone. After all, 90s fashion is having a revival at the moment. They also require no hands so you can hold your drink and dance to your favourite acts.