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Crazy Shirts From La La Land Shirts Are In Style


    Crazy Shirts are taking over pop culture on TV, in movies and just in general.  If you see well-known stars around Hollywood in their downtime, they are all wearing hip t-shirts that are just a little too tight to show off all of their muscles.  This is somewhat new because the popular look used to be dressed to impress, wearing button-downs and just being dressy as hell.

      Now the cool thing to do is wear a cool T-shirt and wear a sports jacket, but it’s even better without the sports jacket most of the time.

    Crazy Shirts Make A Statement

    One shop that we know about that has new funny shirts each and every week is La La Land Shirts.  We have seen their shirts all over the place, especially on young people at music festivals over the last couple of years.  We think the reason we see so many people in La La Land Shirts’ is because they make a statement and it makes it easy for the average person to get their point across to their friends and to strangers by simply putting on a cool shirt and showing off their statement right on their chest without ever opening their mouth.

    It doesn’t really matter if the shirt is music related or not, but a music festival is a perfect place to wear one of these shirts because we all know that everyone that attends a music festival is partly there to receive as much attention as they can.  “Hey man where did you get that cool shirt?” All of the kids love to hear that and it’s great for the brand because it’s a conversation starter and all of the kids can talk about your brand.  This is why La La Land Shirts is happy to sell music festival shirts.