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Here Is A List Of Some Of The Wonderful Uses Of Wool

    Whether it is the heavy woolen garments or the lightweight sweatshirts, all require one single product as raw material for their making and that product is wool which is known to everyone on this Earth because of its excellent heat resistance capability which helps the human body to keep warm and cozy during the harsh cold weather. There are different types of animals out there and various types of wools are produced by these different types of animals. This product is in use from time unknown and still, it is one of the most used raw materials in garments industry.

    Whether it is collected from sheep, yak or from the goat, there are innumerable ways you can use the products and avenues to put this product in work. From luxury materials to common everyday wear, wool is so much in use that more than 3/4th of its production is being consumed. There is hardly any residual waste left of wool. There is soft wool like merino which is used for luxuriously soft garments and on another hand there is the rough or coarse wool which is really good for making garments or anything for insulation purpose during the winter.

    Wool is one of the multipurpose products that has used in the decoration of the homes as well. It is water resistant so you can decorate your home with certain woolen items. Then, if you have pets, you can have their blankets, couches made up of woolen product. There are various embroidered woolen pieces being founded in various homes for interior decoration purposes. From tablecloths to dining table clothes to sofa covers, all can be made of wool and beautiful designs can be made using this product. You can use wool for the padding of the carpets in your home and it is a great insulator so it will help your feet to stay warm.

    Benefits of using wools

    • It is a natural fiber and it can be renewed as well. If your woolen markets are not in good condition you can recycle this product for other uses.
    • Wool has a very high resistance and protection factor towards ultraviolet rays. This is naturally there in the fiber which makes it very much in demand.
    • It is also a bad conductor of fire. It catches fire hardly and if it does, the fire cannot spread rapidly.
    • This fiber is extremely durable so once you make a product using wool; you can assure about its longevity. There are woolen garments when kept in proper condition can be worn by your next generation as well provided the quality of the wool is also that great.
    • If you are wearing woolen garments, your body can breathe as there are pores available in it which help in the air circulation in the body through it.
    • Whether it is too cold or mild winter, you can wear woolen garments in any type of cold weather.

    The fiber is a magical fiber and the different types of wool make it more usable in many avenues.