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The Right Footwear For Music Festivals


    It’s music festival time again! That means that the weather is going to be warm and the walking is going to be plentiful. The purpose of a music festival is to enjoy the music – not limp home with blisters and aching feet. There is no reason why women should have to sacrifice looking fabulous just to be comfortable in the shoes they wear. When you are going to be doing a lot of walking, as in the case of a music festival, proper footwear selection is the most important part of the outfit.

    So, just what types of footwear should women wear to a music festival? The suggestions that follow will provide different types of footwear options so you can look great and feel good all day long.

    What NOT to Wear

    First, let’s talk briefly about footwear to avoid. Flip flops, flats, wedges and heels are not going to give you the support you need for this amount of walking. In a crowd, these types of shoes can be dangerous. Someone can step on your shoe and cause you to fall, or you can lose your footing while trying to navigate terrain that often switches between grass, concrete and gravel.

    Shoes with Support

    You will want to choose a shoe that has a lot of support. This does not mean you are stuck with boring, plain, sneaker or tennis shoe. There are many comfortable, supportive and fashionable options. Active sandals are easy to find and come in a variety of styles. Designed mainly for hiking and outdoor activities, these sandals are not bulky, have flexible straps, comfort insoles, and rugged bottom soles to prevent slipping and falling. They come in a variety of colors to coordinate well with any outfit. Being sandals, they have openings for breathability, which is important in warm weather. They are lightweight and are designed to dry quickly if you should get caught in a sudden downpour or step in a puddle. All major sporting goods stores carry these, as well as major department stores, so your choices and pricing options are plentiful.

    If a tennis shoe or sneaker is more of your preference, your options are almost endless. Many major shoe manufacturers design summer shoes for women. A lot of these styles feature mesh so your feet can breathe. This is a perfect choice for music festivals since the mesh will help keep the dirt off your feet. These summer sneakers come in a slip-on style or with ties to suit any preference. It is easy to coordinate these with your outfit and they are very easy to find. It is important to stick with a name brand for these types of sneakers. Shoes that look the same that are sold through discount retailers are not going to give you the support you will need for extended wear. They will be cheaper, but they will not hold up. They will probably give you blisters and will most likely fall apart if you try to clean them.

    No matter what your personal preference, choosing an activity sandal or solid summer sneaker to wear to a music festival is a smart choice og Gipsy Dharma. It will make it easy to get dressed before you head out and will keep you cool and comfortable while you are there so you can concentrate on the music instead of your feet.