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A Guide To Men’s Walking Boots In The UK


    Although it may sound obvious, feet come in all different shapes and sizes and not every shoe will fit every foot. The most important thing to remember when you are buying boots is that they are the right style for the activity you are wearing them for and that they fit perfectly.

    With many shops stocking extensive ranges of men’s walking boots, it is important to know what you are looking for and how to ensure that the boots you are trying on fit you well. So what features should you look for in a good-fitting boot?

    How to Find a Good Fitting Boot

    • Be sure that you have plenty of room in the boot in case you choose to wear a pair of thick socks to add to the level of comfort.
    • Try to walk around in the boots as much as possible when trying them on and feel for any areas that begin to rub.
    • Although the boots need to give your foot plenty of room, you also need to ensure it is not too loose. Make sure when you are walking in them at your heel remains in contact with the boot.
    • For long walks, an ankle boot may provide extra support to your legs so try some of these on as well to decide which are more comfortable.

    How to Keep Your Boots Comfortable

    Once you have a pair of boots that are comfortable it is important that you maximise their comfort. This can be done in a number of ways including keeping your feet healthy by keeping them dry and clean and dealing with any sore skin or blisters. You may also be able to add some comfort to your boots by fitting an extra innersole.

    The type of material that your boots are made from will also make a difference to how you wear them and how comfortable they are.

    Leather Boots

    There are a number of advantages to choosing leather boots. An excellent example of a leather walking boot is the Clarks Montacute Top ankle boot. Leather boots generally have natural water-resistant properties which means that wearing them for longer periods of time will reduce the risk of them getting worse, leading to damage to your feet.

    Leather is also excellent at withstanding abrasion which means that in general, your boots will last a lot longer and will be less likely to tear or rip when walking over rough terrain.

    Although leather boots often cost slightly more, it is certainly worth it as you are sure to receive a high level of quality throughout your boots. Although leather may take slightly longer to break in, they are durable, comfortable and very long-lasting.

    Synthetic Boots

    Boots made from man-made materials also have some excellent benefits and are ideal for beginner or intermediate-level walkers and hikers. They are often cheaper than leather boots which means that if you do not wear them as often as you were hoping, you have not lost out.

    Synthetic boots a breathable which means that you will be able to keep your feet comfortable and cool during long walks. The synthetic material is also lightweight which can reduce walkers’ fatigue as well as increase the comfort level on your feet.

    If you choose a higher-end that it boots made with Goretex you will also find that your boots are waterproof.