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Brand New Releases From Sprayground Clothing!


    As a clothing brand, Sprayground has always tried to reinvent itself with its latest collections. Every year, without fail, the company comes up with new lines that stretch the vestiges of fashion that had not been discovered before. Over the years, Sprayground has collaborated with other successful fashion brands to come up with collaborative merchandise, backpacks and clothing apparel that has redefined the fashion trend for that particular year.

    In particular, the collaboration with the NBA to come up with the limited-edition versions of capsule backpacks which were an immediate hit and remains one of the top collectable choices with the brand conscious. This year’s as well, Sprayground did not disappoint and has come up with a range of windbreakers and backpacks that have been exclusively designed in collaboration with the ace luxury fashion designer, LaQuan Smith. The collection offers some exceptional products and comes in a wide variety of monochrome and colour combinations of LaQuan’s patented design choices.

    Here is a look at some of the uber-cool merchandise that you can choose from this year’s LaQuan Smith collection from Sprayground UK.

    The Scammer Windbreaker Form The Laquan Smith Collection – This windbreaker comes in a unique monochrome colour choice with variations available in small and medium sizes. The unique design is based on mug shots of women who have been quite powerful in history and yet convicted for various crimes in their lifetimes. An evocative fashion statement if ever there was, this windbreaker is also a high-quality product.

    The Transporter Backpack From Laquan Smith’s Scammer Collection – Again a solid addition, the scammer backpack is a smell-proof product, which also sports a huge compartment, which is hidden within the product design. It is a roomy product, which also has 6 other cleverly concealed small compartments to give you ample space to stow your entire school bag essentials. The design borrows from the original brand’s powerful statement of a mugshot of power women throughout history.

    The Savvy Crossbody From Laquan Smith’s Scammer Collection – The crossbody is a favourable bridge product for people who want to carry more than their pockets will accommodate but do not want to carry a backpack for convenience. This crossbody is a perceptive product choice, which also offers LaQuan Smith’s power women convicted mugshots design through a bright orange colour pallet. Create a statement through this limited edition product.

    The Shark Backpack From Laquan Smith’s Collection – The shark back is uniquely combined with both fashion styles of LaQuan’s powerful women’s convictions and the Sprayground patented shark design. The smell-proof backpack also comes with added velour-lined compartments to safely stow your sunglasses. The unique print of Shark mouth comes with a contrasting orange patch that breaks from the monotony of the black and white design of the bag. This is a limited edition collectable and quite popular with both the in-school crowd as well as the fashion-savvy adults.

    Apart from the LaQuan Smith collection, the shark print, in particular, has also experimented with Kamara to the Future and Odell Beckham Jr. lines. Sprayground has in ostensibly excelled itself with this range of power collection, which appeals to a wider market range.