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5 Bedtime Rituals That Increase Productivity

    Everyone talks about optimizing your morning routine for productivity, however, few discuss ways to set yourself up for success before you go to sleep. Creating a nighttime routine that helps you not only prepare for the next day but also helps you wind down is key for successful sleep and productivity.

    Quality sleep is imperative to productivity but due to the current climate, it can be difficult to come by. Bedtime rituals can help you turn your mind off if you’re someone who has anxious thoughts that keep them up. It’s important to think about what time you would like to wake up and start your bedtime rituals 9 hours before that. For example, if you want to rise at 5 AM, then you need to start your bedtime routine at 8 PM.

    Bedtime rituals can look different to each person doing them, however, we’ve listed five beneficial ones that are rooted in productivity.

    Set an “End” to the Day

    Working from home can make it easy to work around the clock. With your bed so close to your desk, you might find it difficult to shut things down and get some shut-eye yourself. Three to four hours before bedtime, set an artificial “end” to the day whether that means scheduling yourself a dinner date or appointment. Whatever forces you to stop working and creating a boundary with work. This not only helps your brain prepare for sleep but it also helps you avoids burnout.

    Create a Next Day To-Do List

    Anxious thoughts are great at keeping us awake all night. To silence stress, create a next day to-do list before you go to bed. This way you wake up feeling refreshed and can easily focus on your tasks for the day.

    Journal Any Anxieties

    Journaling before bed is a great outlet where you can write freely about the anxieties from work so they don’t rear their heads at night. In your journal your problems have a place to be other than in your mind, disturbing your sleep. Journaling also helps you “name your problems” giving you clarity and possibly not being as afraid of them.

    Turn Your Phone Off

    Not only can having your phone keep your mind buzzing, but it can also have an impact on waking up your body by increasing your heart rate. Shut off screens at least one hour before sleep to ensure you aren’t facing distractions from sleep.


    Meditating for sleep has been shown to combat insomnia and anxiety. Meditation helps you break the train of your everyday thoughts to evoke the relaxation response, using whatever technique feels right to you. Meditating before you sleep can help tell your mind and body that it’s time to shut down.

    For more ideas on how to relax before bed, explore Tommy John’s visual below around how to de-stress after work. They’ve even broken down their tips by the hour to help you successfully incorporate them into your schedule.


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