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Environmentally Friendly Luxury Towels

    Although there is a huge selection of luxury bath towels on offer ranging in size and weight, another variable to consider is eco-friendly towels. These are manufactured in such a way as to have a minimal impact on the environment and are also made from greener materials. For people concerned with the impact of large-scale manufacturing on the ecosystem, towels made in a much more naturalistic way can be an ideal solution.

    Bathroom towels that are kinder to the environment are generally made from fabrics which are less synthetic and contain fewer chemicals.

    Materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and hemp are all commonly used in making environmentally friendly luxury towels. Several of these textiles are naturally antibacterial and are therefore much cleaner and healthier than synthetic fibres. Generally, these materials are unbleached and are coloured using non-toxic dyes which means that fewer toxins enter the environment via the fabrication process. Chemicals such as chlorine, bleach and heavy metal colourants are taken out of the manufacturing process and this reduces the negative impact on the wildlife and ecology of the world.

    What are the advantages?

    Many of these eco-friendly bath towels have several advantages including having extra absorbency when compared to towels made with man-made fibres. Often, these more natural fabrics retain their softness and lightness even after numerous washes. Unlike many synthetic materials, bamboo, hemp etc. are lighter and softer though very durable and can withstand constant laundering. These benefits make eco-friendly bathroom towels ideal for family homes and businesses.