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Latest Trends You Need To Know About Uppababy Stroller


    How much are you aware of varieties and trends in strollers? Have a look and we’re sure these new arrivals will win your heart.

    Since its launch in 2012 in Australia, uppababy alta stroller has always been a centre of attraction in the baby kingdom. It’s a lightweight stroller, sleek and available in a wide range of colours. It’s designed in a way that folds down easy and easy to put together when there’s the place limit. Also, easy navigation in narrow aisles with a handy and big storage basket. We are super excited to add and to share the biggest hit of 2016. The G-Link double umbrella, that you saw last year in the show, is the G-Luxe stroller but doubled.

    The Uppababy G-Link 2016 is the very first double stroller from Uppababy. With double fun and double capacity, the double stroller has some great features that will delight the parents. The features include 4 recline positions to flat so, you can recline seats individually in a way that when one little love snoozes, the other one can go on rattling. You also get the removable cup holder, canopies with adjustable heights and hand-level folding triggers so that you don’t need to bend down. It is also compatible with infant support system including snap-on mesh foot barrier and plus head inserts. A light weighted product that doesn’t weigh you down.

    The coordinating accessories like the Travelsafe travel bag and G-Link Raincover will be released along with the release of G-Link. The only updates are the variety of colours this year for each Uppababy Stroller.

    With the addition of three attractive colours, The Uppababy G-Luxe 2016 is being updated with Pascal Grey, Georgie Blue and limited pieces of gorgeous Maya Yellow. While Maya Yellow features the black base that costs higher than the other two, Georgie and Pascal include the silver base. The G-Luxe tops the market today by being the best umbrella stroller.

    The great convertible stroller of Uppababy vista 2016 remains the same with 7 wonderful colours. Trust me, It’s the only Uppababy stroller you’ll ever need to own. There will be an introduction of a new TravelSafe bag for the Bassinet.

    Uppababy alta, that’s known as Uppababy Cruz in USA and Europe is now available in a new colour of Taylor Blue. The Cruz, a perfect medium size stroller won’t have the Maeve Purple Colour from next year. So, if you wish to own it, go now.

    The Denny Red colour will not be available in the best travel pick, The Uppababy G-Lite 2016. It will be available in Jack All Black colour from now onwards.

    Last but not the least, The new accessories will be arriving specifically for winter 2016. Those are regular Ganoosh in Jack and Pascal and Cozy Ganoosh in Jack and Pascal. That Ganoosh Stroller gives your child a comfy feeling and hence, even on brisk days, you will be able to enjoy your outdoors. It’s machine washable, has a water-repellent exterior, it’s windproof and keeps your child warm even if your child is wearing one layer of clothing.

    Compatible with G-Luxe and G-Link strollers, Uppababy is offering an extra cup holder this time that will help you transport various sizes of beverages.

    Also, a car seat Cabana cover in black will be out in the market soon in the next year. For Vista and Cruz strollers, Handlebar covers will soon be in the market – yiippiieee!