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Role Of Accessories In Fashion Society

    Now a day Fashion is becoming too popular. Fashion is what we wear, how we live, and how we see others and ourselves. Fashion is a style used by the majority of people. Fashion is related to style and personality. Fashion is related to style, accessories, hair, gifts, beauty, shopping, costumes, cosmetics, grooming etc.

    Fashion forecasting is also an important term which is can be done through the media such as fashion shows, newspapers and magazines. Fashion is the narrow sense of the world means changing the form of clothes. Firstly we discuss about accessories, accessories are of many types like: – clothes, handbags, footwear, watches, jewellery etc.


    Clothes Play a very important role in fashion society. Clothes are those things that we are wearing. Clothes are used to dress up ourselves. Clothes are for men, women and kids. Clothes are of many types like- Formal, Casual, Sports, winter clothes, and summer clothes. They protect us from ultraviolet Sun rays.


    Handbags are also known as purses or pouches. They can be made through fibre, plastics etc. They are of many sizes- small, medium and large. They are easy to carry and handle. They also play an important role in the fashion society. Now a day’s there is a luxury handbag which is more expensive but they are more fashionable.


    Footwear’s also important in fashion society. They are of many types for men and women. For men-casual shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes etc. For women- casual shoes, formal shoes, sports shoes, sandals, sleepers etc. They are used for fashion as well as to protect our feet from dust and dump water etc.


    Watches play a vital role in the fashion society. They are digital and analog. They are specially designed for men, women and kids. Now a day’s watch has touch screens and a calculator and also small games, this thing makes watches more fashionable. Even watches are the perfect idea to a birthday gift


    The gift is also known as a present which is wrapped in wrapping paper. Gifts are used to express love and friendship. Gifts are also used to share the wealth. They are of many types like valentine gift, birthday gift, engagement gift etc. These are also given at many festivals or on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, children’s Day, teacher’s Day etc. Gifts have also played an important in society of fashion.


    Jewellery is also important in the trends of fashion. Jewellery is the most valuable thing in the fashion society. Jewellery is of many types like- artificial or made up of diamond, gold, silver etc. A wedding ring is the most precious element that enhances the beauty of the bride. So it is necessary to select the most suitable ring for a wedding. Jewellery may include bracelets, neck leases, rings, bangles etc. They are made of precious metals, gemstones etc. which makes us more fashionable and attractive.