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Number Shaped Wedding Favors

    Wedding Favors

    Since the market for wedding favours is growing every year, it’s no surprise that there are more and more companies producing number-shaped wedding favours these days. Giving your guests a wedding favour that is shaped like a number may seem a little strange, but there are actually a lot of reasons that this may be desirable. Most commonly, the number-shaped wedding favours will be chosen because they represent the actual date of the wedding. Many couples have their wedding date printed on various objects throughout their wedding hall such as napkins or matchbooks, so finding the need to have your wedding favors reflect your wedding date is not too far-fetched.

    Additionally, numbers can be relevant if you both share a favorite sports athlete. Many couples do a sports-themed wedding and want to include their favorite player’s number or the number of their favorite race car driver throughout the reception hall. One of the most touching reasons I’ve encountered is a groom who wanted to honor his firefighter father who died in the line of duty. They had the number 3 throughout the reception hall to represent his engine number.

    Regardless of why you may want to include numbers in your wedding theme, having access to number-shaped wedding favors really makes things easier. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, here are a few types of wedding favours that you can buy in the shape of numbers so you can finish your wedding planning and get onto the celebration.

    Salt and Pepper Shakers

    If you want to give your wedding guests something useful that will still blend into your number-based wedding theme, one good candidate is a set of salt and pepper shakers. You can get your salt and pepper shakers in a variety of different number shapes, so you can create any two or 4 digit number you want with minimal effort. Many couples even fill the salt and pepper shakers so they can be used at the reception so they are both beautiful and functional for your wedding guests to enjoy.

    Wedding Sparklers

    Many couples are already planning to use wedding sparklers as part of their celebration, but there is a way to make even wedding sparklers reflect your desired number. Take a look at these number-shaped sparklers that offer all of the benefits you get from regular wedding sparklers including their ability to be used indoors with the added benefit of being shaped like your chosen number. Number-shaped sparklers work great for writing out your wedding date in photos using a long exposure shot or you can optionally put them on top of your wedding cake or cupcakes.

    Bottle Openers

    Another useful wedding favor idea that will display your wedding date or other number is a bottle opener. Bottle openers are a very common wedding favor because they are useful, elegant, and can be designed with any graphic you like on the handle. You can get bottle openers with your wedding date printed on the handle or even die cut from the stainless steel. The bottle opener will not only serve as a reminder of your wedding celebration to your guests, but it will also serve a useful purpose in your guest’s kitchen.