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Tastiest Flavours Of E Liquids For Autumn 2014

    E Liquids

    Picking the right flavour e liquid for your vape can be tricky. There are so many flavours of e liquids available on the market that it can be hard to choose the right one for you. One of the most popular ranges of e liquids in 2014 was the Cloud Chaser range. Top stockists of the Cloud Chaser e-liquid brand, Grey Haze, have put together the flavours they think are set to be the tastiest flavours of e-liquids for 2014.

    Amaretto E Liquid

     image002 (1)

    We love the vape from the Amaretto Cloud Chaser e liquid. It is perfect for autumn as it encapsulates gorgeous peach flavours blended with a beautiful almond to balance the sweetness. This is set to be one of our top selling e liquids this autumn.

    Irish Coffee E Liquid


    This Irish coffee flavour will definitely warm you right up this autumn. The e liquid really gives an unusual vape to a standard coffee flavour. The taste is a blend of coffee, whiskey Kahlua and cream. It feels like you can almost feel the cream wrap around your tongue on the inhale.

    Thunder E Liquid


    We hope that the only thunder we encounter this autumn is from the Cloud Chaser thunder e liquid. This one is part of the Azteca range. Although the name is quite undescriptive, you can tell that this vape is going to pack a powerful punch. The taste is actually a strong hit of citrus and menthol. Definitely not for the faint-hearted.

    Cinnamon Roll E Liquid


    If you like your vapes sweet then this cinnamon roll e liquid could be your new best friend. Why not have a change from a fruity blend and trying this cake orientated vape. We guarantee that you will think it is delicious.

    Doctor’s Remedy E Liquid


    Don’t catch a cold this autumn with the Doctor’s Remedy E Liquid. This one is popular all year round and is set to dominate the market again this autumn. It is difficult to explain the unique flavour…cool, refreshing and a bit sweet. Maybe you should just try it yourself!

    Polo E Liquid


    This tasty e liquid is just like the classic mint. A cool and refreshing peppermint flavour that you can never possibly get tired of. Minty but not overpowering.  Blow some vape rings to match the e liquid flavour.

    Tropical Typhoon E Liquid


    If you are not quite ready to let go of summer then harness that warm feeling all year round with the tropical typhoon e liquid. This flavour has got a sweet tropical blend of fruits. It reminds us of summer evenings on a Caribbean island. Totally delicious.

    Turkish Tobacco


    Last but certainly not least. If you are switching from roll ups to vaping then you will love the Turkish tobacco e liquid. This is a highly aromatic, small-leafed variety of tobacco which is sun-cured, a fantastic flavoursome e liquid!

    At Grey Haze we only stock the tastiest e liquids around. Our collections include Seduce Juice, Adam Bomb and Drake’s Vapes.