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The Inspiration for Mizuno Be Running Shoes

    Running can be a great activity. Whether people do it professionally, to keep fit or just for fun, there are many benefits associated with this form of exercise. However, to get the best results, it’s important that individuals have access to the right gear.

    This is where Mizuno running shoes come into their own. These products are designed to offer superb performance levels and they can help to boost wearers’ speed and distance.

    One option for eager runners are the Mizuno Be shoes. These are inspired by the old Waraji sandals that were worn by the samurai class and foot soldiers in Japan during the country’s feudal era. The footwear was unusual because the wearer’s toes protruded over the front edge.

    Fascinated by this footwear, experts at Mizuno conducted a series of biomechanical tests to assess the benefits of this style of shoe. The findings revealed that protruding toes help to stabilize the body. Furthermore, the toes and muscles of the feet and lower legs are more mobile and activated.

    With this knowledge at their disposal, the team set about creating Mizuno Be shoes with an activation sock liner that replicates the unique innovation of the Waraji sandal. This allows users’ toes to move naturally up and down, and to curl and grip to activate the muscles of the foot. Of course, many performance footwear users aren’t aware of the design processes that are involved in creating their finished shoes. The important thing is that the products help to enhance their experiences.