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How To Choose A Suit


    Choosing a suit is sometimes fairly difficult. There are some ideas that men’s suits are very simple, especially in comparison to women’s formal clothing. While a suit might appear simple if it’s made properly, it is somewhat complex. There are many different elements to a suit. There are the lapels, the chest, the waist, the number of buttons, and much more. To find the right suit, you will likely need to have one made for you. A bespoke suit will fit just right and be exactly to your liking. However, there are still several different styles to look through. The first choice is to choose the occasion. Then you can choose the style.

    Choose the Occasion

    You will likely need suits for several different occasions. You need a suit for a wedding, for a corporate job, and for nights out. Within those categories are more distinctions. For example, take Wedding outfits, a suit for a wedding will differ depending on if you are the groom, a groomsman, or an attendee. If you’re just attending the wedding, a formal suit is usually a good choice. For an indoor wedding or a wedding during the winter, a dark suit is preferable. Black is the most common colour. Dark grey is also popular. When you work with someone who makes tailor-made suits in Sydney, he or she will give you a range of options to choose from.

    The occasion also determines what type of fabric you will use. For an outdoor wedding or a summer wedding, lightweight fabric is preferable. For winter weddings, something heavier is more appropriate; wool has made something of a comeback lately. It’s growing more popular again after losing popularity. For business, you likely won’t want a wool suit. You’ll likely choose something a little bit lighter weight.

    Once you’ve chosen the occasion, you can then pick the style. The style should match the moment as well as match your body type.

    Choose the Style

    For someone who is slender, a slim-fitting suit is often appropriate. A slim-fitting suit will fit close to the body; it will have narrower lapels and narrower shoulders. Someone who does not have broad shoulders should not choose a suit with wide lapels or broad shoulders. Instead, you should choose a slimmer-fitting suit to match your body type. Alternately, someone with broad shoulders and a wider frame will benefit from the balance offered by a wider suit. The larger lapels and shoulders will match your body much better.

    There are also button choices. In the 1990s, three buttons were popular. Now, the style has moved to two-button suits. The buttons themselves can be the same colour as the suit so that they don’t stand out; alternately, they can be a different colour to highlight themselves. Buttons of a different colour tend to be more formal than businesslike. A business suit is usually understated. A formal suit might have more colours.

    These are just a few of the considerations that you have to make when choosing a suit. You should discuss these considerations with your tailor.