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Wardrobe Essential White Shirt

    White Shirt

    A white shirt collocation or style version selection or are we talked about many times. Today we mainly want to share a few tips, make you the most casual white shirts in the closet, put up more advanced, thinner. We said to the first rule is always significantly higher thin waist high. No matter what are you wearing a single product, shirt or dress or pants or coat or jacket, to create a high waist line is the most intuitive can make you look thin. Core competencies significantly higher to wear the white shirt we also should be the same, to provide you with a few simple small routines:1 lets your front disappear. This our most everyday clothes before the tuck in his way.

    Especially suitable for wind free shirt version of her boyfriend, because after this big shirt wears often give people a feeling of pressure leg is short, if the clothes before you can put into the waistband, declared the world “you see, in fact, my legs started from this position!”Many good girls will choose to go to the tuck in his clothes, but this is really only suitable for hip leg fat woman who, if meat hips and thighs, is absolutely the front waist plug is most can cover the meat and thin!2 lap knot Shirt knotted way is mainly to make your clothes shorter, resulting in legs look longer. Then you can ask “why not wear a jacket directly long shirt?” in fact directly a short section of a shirt with a loose shirt tied by quicker effect is entirely different. After matching the shirt, you can create a mass in the upper part of the body is more relaxed, fluffy effect, so as to make people look thinner.

    Three increase Strapless fashion sense Fire a summer Off-Shoulder in autumn as compared to conventional materials. Knitting, appear more impressive in the strapless shirt category. If you just don’t buy a bed of roses Strapless shirt, can also be recycled. Consider a white shirt with his wardrobe, unlock a few buttons, his clothes on the shoulder to pull, as to the effect. The four buttons on the back also do not have a view. A lot of creative design will take up to behind, but if such a satisfactory model did not find you again, unfortunately, may again remake slightly. But this way is only suitable for soft material in a white shirt, or if you wear too solid fabric in turn. See, it would be too strange from the front. This method has a point of attention is put to control the dew back position.

    Like your buttons in the best position to three cm above the waist, so as not to be too exposed, but also will be released. A car just perfect.

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