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How to Look Functional and Fashionable Around Town

    Now that it’s getting colder your wardrobe will be changing. It will no longer be a matter of popping on a pair of shorts and a stylish top to get you through the day. Colder, more unpredictable weather means that you will need to coordinate your outfits to ensure that you can remain fashionable whilst also being comfortable when you are out and about.

    So what you need to do to ensure that the close you are wearing look functional and fashionable around town?

    The Do’s

    Wear Layers-If you are going to be out and about it is important that the close you are wearing a suitable for the weather. Layering items is an excellent way of doing this. The great winter alternative to a pair of trousers is to wear a dark, heavy skirts with a pair of dark tights. On the top half you could incorporate a casual T-shirt with a short morale neck cardigan and top it all off with a simple winter coat. Coats and jackets are filling all the high street shops at this time of year, so you will have a huge choice.

    Dress Casual – you don’t need to look “dressed up” to look fashionable. In fact, dressing casually and fashionably is usually the best way to go in winter. A designer hoodie combined with a pair of skinny jeans and knee-high leather boots is an excellent way of staying comfortable and casual whilst also looking fashionable. But remember to choose a stylish, figure-fitting or day. You can buy designer hoodies online at for a variety of locations, so don’t worry if you can’t find one on the high street.

    Mix Dressy and Casual Clothes – if you are looking for fashionable yet functional look try to mix a simple yet stylish item such as a designer hoodie with a dressier piece such as a pair of shorts and dark tights. Make sure you keep it all comfortable, which is the key to functionality in the style and quality of the outfit will come through.

    The Don’ts

    Too Many Accessories – Overloading yourself with too many accessories to try to look fashionable will definitely work against you. If you are out for the evening or wearing a dressier outfit then accessories are perfect, but for a casual, around-town look a single piece of statement jewellery will be enough.

    Dressing for the Evening – There is nothing worse than dressing inappropriately. This includes everything from the shoes you wear and the bag you are carrying to your make-up and hair. If you want to dress up, do it appropriately and when it is called for.

    Looking Uncomfortable – wearing an outfit that looks uncomfortable will never look good. If you squeeze yourself into something, wear something that you are constantly tugging at choosing heels that you cannot walk comfortably in – no matter how nice the clothes are – they will not look good. By the way, if you do wear high heels learn here how damaging they can be.

    So if you are after a stunning daytime look that incorporates casual wear and fashion then follow these tips and you will have all eyes on you.