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The Past 10 Years Fashion Trends That Helps To Become A Casino Icon

    Fashion Trends

    Casino is the place where you can try your hand at various games and earn some serious cash. However, the charm of a casino is not limited to its money spinning games and mysterious ambiance. It is the fashion and clothing adorned by the players that forms a significant part of casino culture. Along with winning at games, people also come here to show off their latest attires and flaunt unique trends. If you too want to look like a million bucks during your next visit to the casino, but do not know where to start from, then here is a brief guide to help you wade your way through the biggest fashion trends in the past 10 years.

    For men

    Black is a universal colour and in the past decade as well, this colour has denominated the fashion scene. For men’s wear, black is always the winner. Adorn a plain black three suit and you are all set to hit a swanky casino. By making you look dapper and handsome, this trend is sure to make the heads turn. Not only black, but experimenting with various colours has also been a popular trend. However, it is suggested to keep it simple and stay away from wearing too many colours at a time, to avoid looking over the top. Shoes are a significant part of men’s attire and make sure to sport a stylish pair of formals to complete your look. Another good option can be the colourful loafers, which can add a touch of casual to your attire and make you appear cool and laid back.

    For women

    The variety of trends and styles is quite extensive, when it comes to women’s wear and it has gone through amazing transformations in the past ten years as well. However, the bottom line of all those styles has been individualism. Whatever you are wearing, it is essential to make it your personal style by adding something unique and exclusive. While dresses have been an all-time favourite among women as casino wear, it is the stylish knee length dresses which emerged as the front runners in the fashion race. Combine these with a matching pencil heel or stiletto and you are all set to dominate. Accessorising the dresses has also been a big trend in the past decade. Rather than wearing too much bling, you should go for one chunky piece of jewellery. For example, wear a statement necklace on a simple dress to make it look stylish. Boyfriend jackets were also in trend, which can be paired with skinny jeans and heels to look utterly stylish.

    Given above is only an overview of the biggest fashion trends in the past 10 years, the list of which is quite long. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is comfortable and matches your persona. While the same trend and style could be sported by many, ultimately it is your confidence and personality which will make all the difference.