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Get Creative This Christmas


    Christmas is a time for giving but what happens when you have been with your partner for 10 years and you have run out of exciting gift ideas or you don’t know what to buy your dad after 30 years of giving him beer? You will need to get a bit creative with your gift ideas and this isn’t as hard as many fear. If you know someone very well, then it is even easier to find them a gift that is not only something you haven’t given them before but that is also something that they will really treasure.

    One of the easiest ways to shop for unique gifts nowadays is to use the internet and you will be able to give the real Kris Kringle a run for his money in the present stakes. You can search for gifts in different categories, by selecting a maximum price and by choosing the person you want to buy for such as a man or even your pet dog.

    If you don’t have a creative bone in your body and the idea of finding someone the perfect gift is daunting, then don’t panic as there are plenty of things you can do.

    Answer the following questions about the person you want to buy a present for:

    • What sports do they like?
    • What hobbies do they do?
    • What interests do they have?
    • What do they like doing?
    • What colours do they love?
    • Do they particularly like animals, food, drink, cars, football or travelling?

    Think Outside the Box    

    This is all about taking your ideas and turning them into something different. So, if you know someone who likes travelling, this doesn’t mean you should run out and book them a holiday to Australia but you could buy them a Bill Bryson book or if they have a holiday planned, why not get them some novelty luggage tags or a passport holder? The same goes for someone who likes football, as you don’t have to buy them football tickets to a match but instead, you can get them a fun mug with the name of their team on or a joke about their arch-rivals printed on it.

    Don’t Forget the Wrapping!

    Of course, the present inside the wrapping is important but if you want to jazz up a gift, then you should try and wrap it nicely as let’s be honest – ripping off the paper is all part of the fun!

    Check out these creative wrapping ideas:

    • Add some ribbons and bows
    • Buy a nice box
    • Put the present inside a Christmassy bag
    • Add some sparkles with tinsel or stick on some tree decorations

    Make your Own Gift 

    Why not try making something yourself? While this might sound tricky lots of us have a skill that we rarely use such as pouring handmade candles, making your own beer or painting and you can really put these skills to good use if you want to give a creative gift from the heart.