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Expert Style Tips For The Larger Man

    Larger Man

    Dressing well is all about presenting your body in the most flattering way possible, and anyone of any size can do so if they just know how to dress. Being a larger man does present its own unique set of challenges when it comes to dressing right and looking nice, but it is not impossible. Anyone can still be comfortable, stylish, and super suave by taking these expert style tips into consideration.

    The Three Qualities You Should Be Looking For

    Those who are looking at clothing for the larger man should be looking for three key qualities in their clothing:

    1. Fit
    2. Simplicity
    3. Lightweight materials

    How well your clothing fits is more important than the quality of the piece you are wearing. For example, if your clothing is wrinkled, bulging, or sagging in any way, your outline will not only look untidy, but also you will look much larger than you are. Keep in mind, as well, that the better the fit, the more comfortable you will feel. Start looking around for a great tailor to help ensure that your clothing always fits properly.

    Simplicity is another important factor for a larger man. Larger-framed men already have an imposing presence. By dressing more simply, other people will not feel overwhelmed by you. Choosing lightweight materials has a similar effect, as heavier materials will make you look bigger and bulkier.

    Invest in Shape Defining Pieces

    Contrary to popular belief, choosing articles of clothing that help define your shape and accentuate your good points is far better than choosing oversized clothing. Make sure that your wardrobe includes items such as sports coats, blazers, suits, and tailored trousers.

    Start Wearing Hats

    A stylish hat is a must-have accessory for the larger man. Throwing on a hat benefits you in two ways:

    1. a) It instantly tells the world that you are on trend and that you care about your appearance; and
    2. b) Hats make you look taller.

    The more vertical space you can give yourself, the slimmer you will appear.

    Choose Spread Collars

    Dress shirts can look phenomenal on a larger man, especially if they pay close attention to the collar. Generally speaking, the broader your face, the broader the collar you should choose. These collars help keep your face proportional, and they also give you room to tie on a thick necktie with a nice large Full Windsor knot.

    A “spread” collar is defined as one with a separation of more than 90 degrees between collar points. Try on a few different shirts and find a style of collar you enjoy.

    Swap out Belts for Suspenders

    Belts are not only difficult for larger men to wear, but they can also make your stomach appear rounder than it actually is. Suspenders eliminate both issues and allow for your trousers to fall smoothly on top of your waist and legs rather than become bunched up around the thighs.