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Amazing Facts About The Products Made From Pink Diamonds


    They say pink diamonds are the best friend of any woman. We say pink diamonds can be the first choice of anyone when you get an amazing product! Yes, who can resist from getting a car or a pen crafted with pink diamonds?

    Not only the jewellery but also several products are there to uphold your status. Here we have provided a full scoop of the products made from pink diamonds. Go through and get yourself the best one. What’s more? The fantastic fact is you will get your wished one at an affordable price! So what are you waiting for? Scroll now.

    Top 5 Pink Diamond Products

    You will get a number of pink diamond made products in the market. The designers are incorporating diamonds in new objects each day. So the list will never end, but you can put a stop to your tiring search for the best one. We have rendered details about the top 5 products below. It is surely going to help you in purchasing the one. Here have a look.

    Remote-Controlled Car

    Think how much it will be exciting to own a car crafted with pink diamonds! Yes, it is possible! The well-known rapper “Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka The Game” spent $100,000 to outfit a remote-controlled car with the pink diamonds for his son. You can follow the footsteps and set the benchmark as well. If you want to design your car with various types of diamonds, then check our pink diamond list.

    Mobile Phone Case

    Let’s get over the car now and have a look at the other products like a phone case. The new buzz is all about the latest iPhone 6 diamond case cover manufactured by Amosu Company. The phone cover has almost 6,000 diamonds that is worth $2.7 million. The flawless diamonds will shine your personality more!

    Diamond Purse

    The Guinness Book of World Records has a recent entry of Mouawad’s 1001 nights pure made of pink diamonds only. 10 experts’ has created this masterpiece after 8,800 hours of hard work. Though the purse is designed with 18k gold still the attraction is the big precious stones– 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow, and 4356 colourless diamonds. This one-of-kind bag was sold for $3.8 million.

    Diamond Pens

    If you are fond of writing and love to use fancy pens then here is the good news! World’s best and most popular fountain pen is manufactured by Aurora diamante. The pen is studded with 30,000 pink diamonds and made of pure platinum and gold tips.

    Cricket Balls

    Do you remember the 2007 Cricket World Cup? The best players were awarded a cricket ball designed with diamonds. Making its way to the Guinness Book of Records it is recognised as one of a kind. 2704 pink diamonds and 18 crate Gold is everything in that ball one will crave for.

    Your big shopping day is just a few clicks away. Select the best product for yourself and level up your social quotient!