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The Pink Diamonds That Wins Customers

    Pink Diamonds

    If you are willing to diversify your investment portfolio then you should choose a pink diamond with the right colour, cut, clarity and carat.

    Furthermore, invest in one that has been sourced from Australia’s now-defunct Argyle diamond mine.

    Investing in diamonds is way better than investing in real estate and related investment mediums and the reason is simple – the value of a diamond, especially if it comes with a natural pink hue, will not depreciate, irrespective of the financial conditions of a country or the world.

    So what are the various types of pink diamonds that can help you win customers with deep pockets?

    Well, Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mine supplied more than 95 % of such diamonds in the world. This is the reason why several authorised investment-grade diamond consultants offer diamonds in a variety of shapes.

    With that stated, here is a list of the various types of pink coloured diamonds that you can buy and while reselling, you can get a lot of customers as well – 

    • Pink Round Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Radiant Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Princess Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Heart Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Cushion Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Marquise Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Asscher Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Oval Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Mixed Shaped Diamonds
    • Pink Pear Shaped Diamonds

    How to choose one among the above that will be suitable for you?

    When you are looking for an investment-grade diamond, you would need to seek assistance from authorized pink-coloured diamond investment consultants.

    The reason to seek assistance from a diamond consultant is simple.

    Due to the absence of a broker or a retail jeweller, you will be able to get honest advice from the consultant.

    A pink-coloured diamond goes through five stages before it reaches you.

    These steps are as follows –

    • It has been extracted by the Argyle Mine
    • It then reaches the investment consultants
    • After this, they will be forwarded to authorized agents
    • Then to wholesalers and 
    • Finally to retailers

    As the diamond passes each step, it gets subjected to quality assurance procedures which increase its attributes and its value.

    This is the reason why you should procure your investment-grade pink-coloured diamond from diamond consultants if you do not want to spend your hard-earned money to line the pockets of middle-men such as wholesalers and retailers.

    The advice from the consultant will allow you to get your hands on the perfect pink-coloured diamond that will be able to satiate your unique investment needs and related goals.

    On top of this, the diamonds will be able to you at reasonable rates.

    As per experts, if one takes a look at the sales, appraisal, and auction records of the last decade, the industry associated with pink coloured diamonds witnessed more than three hundred times increase in terms of price and demand. With that stated, it is best to keep in mind that if one is planning to invest in pink coloured diamonds, then they should choose naturally coloured diamonds. Furthermore, for the best results, one should choose one that has the right colour, cut, carat, and clarity. On top of this, the intensity of the pink hue will also dictate the reselling price hence; one should go for a piece that has an intense pink hue.