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How To Find Maternity Wear To Suit You


    Finding out you’re expecting a baby can be a time of joy, expectation and just a teensy bit of trepidation. Up until this point, you have, after all, only been responsible for yourself (and possibly your other half when he rolls home drunk at 2am on a Sunday morning!). Now you will be looking after another person and you’ve only got a few months to get ready!!! As well as preparing for your new baby, you will want to ensure that you invest in some decent maternity clothes in the lead up to the baby’s arrival!

    When it comes to choosing the right style of maternity dress or other kinds of clothes, looking online is a good place to start. Most women won’t need to buy maternity clothes until part way through the second trimester, so this gives you a good few months to shop around for ideas. For the first trimester, you will probably be able to get away with normal clothes. You can always borrow your partner’s shirts and t-shirts for extra comfort at home.

    Most pregnancy sizes are still based on whatever your size was prior to your pregnancy. If you are unsure whether an item will fit, choose a size larger. Choosing fabrics such as cotton and Lycra will ensure you get comfy wear from the clothes, so they should last you longer during your pregnancy. You may find you feel hot at some times and colder at others, as a pregnant woman’s temperature will fluctuate. So layering (which is in fashion anyway) works well.

    Maternity clothes are cut in different styles, so try on lots of different types to get a feel for what will suit you. As your pregnancy progresses, your stomach, bust, hips and posterior may all increase, so factor this in to your thinking. In the shop you may be able to use a prosthetic tummy to check that a piece of clothing will fit your bump in the months to come.

    Shoe-wise, choose a comfortable few pairs which can expand and which you can put on without having to bend over. You will find that your feet expand as the pregnancy progresses. Mums-to-be also need to find supportive and structured underwear for added comfort, especially during the later stages of the pregnancy.

    You may like to ask friends and family for help with your maternity shopping. It may be the case that you have a friend who has recently had a baby and who can give you some advice on what is best to buy. Likewise, there are plenty of second hand stores stocking nearly-new maternity wear, if you’re looking to save a few pounds here and there.

    Whilst shopping for your maternity wardrobe, don’t forget to try and have fun with different styles. You may find that a changing figure gives you the opportunity to experiment with looks you had until now discounted. Above all, enjoy this time and pamper yourself, as when your little bundle of joy arrives, clothes will be the last thing on your mind!