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Spray Roses – What Are They And How Do They Differ From Traditional Roses?


    The floral family is pretty extensive with a huge variety of flowers, and there is one for everyone. In fact, it is so complex that there are several variants of specific flowers as well. When it comes to roses, there are different types such as spray roses, hybrid tea roses, and garden roses. Besides the popular individual roses, spray roses get quite the attention for their unique beauty. So, what features make spray roses distinctive from their traditional counterpart? A North St Paul florist explains:


    Roses have main stems known as peduncles. In an individual rose plant, the peduncle transforms into a rosebud. But in spray roses, a certain number of pedicels will be formed from the peduncles, with each pedicel forming a rose flower. So one stem will branch out into three or four rose blooms. They are smaller than tea roses or garden roses, which lends them to different uses. 


    Spray roses can be used to create stunning floral arrangements that catch the attention of everyone. Spray roses make a great combination with other flowers and bouquets for a romantic, feminine appearance. They can also be used in corsages and other body flowers. So, be confident of ordering them for flower delivery in North St Paul MN.


    There is a significant difference between traditional roses and spray roses when it comes to size. Spray roses are smaller as each bloom’s width is no more than 2 inches. Also, a single stem will produce a group of 3 to 7 flowers. This bunch of little flowers will give it the appearance of a bouquet.


    There are three variants of spray roses, namely as single, semi-doubles, and doubles. While single flowers have 4 to 8 petals, semi-doubles come with 12 to 25 petals, and doubles feature 25 to 45 petals. Just like individual roses, spray roses are also available in various colors such as yellow, orange, red, pink, white, lilac, and more. The scent of spray roses is more delicate than that of conventional roses.

    Spray Roses as a Gift:

    If you are considering giving someone a bouquet or floral arrangement, spray roses are worth thinking about. A reputable North St Paul flower shop provides beautiful floral arrangements that include spray roses combined with other flowers and are artistically designed in a beautiful vase. Spray roses are easy to care for, to make them last for a while. Get in touch with a florist to obtain quality maintenance tips.

    Individual roses are quite popular and common as a floral gift, which is why sending spray roses to your loved ones will make an intriguing gift to the recipient. So, what are you waiting for? Visit an online floral shop and order spray roses for flower delivery in North St Paul MN today.