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Art Skills and Mosaic Making

    Making mosaics can be a great way into various subjects, maths, history even ICT. However, at its most basic level mosaic making is a great art form. A lesson plan that focuses on using mosaics can be one of the most memorable and one of the most accessible for different age ranges of kids.

    You can use pretty much anything to make a mosaic; however, these days you can high-quality mother of pearl mosaic tiles UK. Making quality mother-of-pearl mosaics will lend your mosaic lesson some extra authenticity, making it a bit more memorable.

    You might begin your lesson by exploring the history of mosaic making. Mosaics were used widely by Greek and Roman cultures and so you can explore this. You might show pupils examples of mosaics perhaps from somewhere like Pompeii.

    For younger kids you might draw out a shape on some card or other suitable surface so the pupils can fill it in with their tiles, thus making a recognisable pattern. For older kids, you might let them make a pattern themselves, perhaps something more abstract.

    Mosaics are still used for interior design and so you might structure your lessons to discuss the way people have and continue to decorate their homes. This can be a great way to relate history to the modern day, as well as being a thoroughly enjoyable art lesson.