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What To Look For In A Diamond Wedding Ring

    Wedding Ring

    You are about to get engaged or married and you need to purchase a wedding ring. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” so you might have to take this into consideration – a wedding ring without its diamond is like a wedding without a ring.

    A ring with a diamond on it means something special. Your wedding is special, so the ring should amplify that. A diamond ring does not have to be something fancy and all singing and dancing, it is beyond all that tardiness, it is what it is: classy, intricate, stylish, simple and sleek.

    There are several designs on the market, such as the 9-carat white gold wedding band with a 0.25-carat cut, the 18-carat yellow gold wedding ring with a 0.25-carat brilliant cut and even the range sold by brand name wedding ring designers like Mappin and Webb, Goldsmiths, Vera Wang Love and Enchanted Love to choose from.

    You don’t have to select a certain brand designer but many who will wear a wedding ring made from diamonds will have a preference. One of the first things to think about when buying a diamond wedding ring is the style. Does the style you crave consist of a claw set or a stone claw set? Some other styles include the bridal set, channel set, grain set or a simple rub over the diamond centre.

    The gemstone type of diamond can go with other precious metals too. Take for example the Amethyst and Diamond ring collections, so often used in wedding rings. Then there is the Emerald and Diamond mix, Aquamarine and Diamond or the Opal and Diamond fusion to consider.

    Other gemstones that go perfectly with diamonds are Pink Sapphire, Ruby and Sapphire. After you have thought about these technical issues of your diamond wedding ring you will need to consider the shape. The shape of the gemstone can be cut in baguette style, marquise, blossom or brilliant. There are also cushion cuts, oval cuts and emerald cuts to consider. The choice is seemingly endless.

    Diamond wedding rings are specifically designed to be special so they can match the requirements of your big day. They will have unique designs, just like the wedding itself – a unique experience and the most important day of your life. This is why a diamond wedding ring is an important part of the celebration.