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When You Gift Someone Flowers, Know What Message You Send With The Colors


    Flowers are one of the unique creations of nature. The various colors, fragrance and sometimes the count of flowers in a bouquet is enough to express your emotions to the recipient!

    You can send flowers to Australia or anywhere in the world, i.e. irrespective of the place of the intended person. What matters is your emotions.

    Just be a little bit calculative after your choices of flowers, i.e. the species, colors and numbers. Confused? Do not worry; the following discussion is sure to make you understand how every flower has its own unique significance:

    1. Rose

    The flower that is most common and easily available with multiple colors, is the Rose. But a rose doesn’t get properly justified until you decipher the meanings of any particular colour!

    • Red –Red roses are universally recognized as depicting the language of love. It also speaks of passion and desire.
    • White-It is the colour of purity. It shows eternal love.
    • Yellow-It is the colour of friendship as well as jealousy (depends on the gender of the recipient!)
    • Red & White- When you are sending flowers to Australia with a combination of these two colored roses, it shows unity and togetherness that you want to have with the recipient.
    • Pink- Pink roses show that you want to bring a smile on the recipient’s face.
    1. Carnation

    If you don’t get a rose on the first place, carnations is an obvious second choice in the context of love. Carnations are also a popular choice to get mixed in the bouquets with the other flowers. By joining a bouquet with other flowers, it makes an attractive combination with its presence! Carnations also get a proper justification to the occasion with a perfect choice of colour.

    • Red- Stands for love. It also speaks of courage and passion.
    • Pink- shows thankfulness and depicts confidence. This is a more gentle colour in compared with the red color.
    • White- As a white rose, a white carnation also depicts spirituality and purity.
    • Yellow- This colour depicts friendship and joy.
    • Purple- purple carnations show love at first sight, and commitment (when given to a girl).
    1. Lily

    Lilies are hugely used in a bouquet with other flowers. Lilies are magnificent, splendid and often a dream-giving flower. If you are thinking of a different option for sending flowers to Australia or any other countries for your dear ones, then lilies are good choices.

    • White- This color declares unconditional love for your partner
    • Peruvian- This represents friendship and devotion
    • Orange- An orange lily shows your passion and desire
    • Yellow- It represents gay love

    Other than these, there are many other flowers those are hugely used in the flower arrangements and bouquets, including Orchids, Strelitzia, etc.