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Best Advice For Choosing The Right Baby Shower Gift


    Nothing is more exciting than finding out that a beloved friend or family member is expecting, but this can make the gift-buying process even more stressful. You want to find the perfect gift, one which will be unique and appreciated, but doing so takes a bit of planning and forethought. To help you along, we have provided some of the best tips which seasoned baby shower attendees have shared in the past, starting with the most important.

    Check to See if There Is a Registry

    If you do not feel comfortable enough asking the expecting parents, ask the person who is throwing the baby shower whether or not they know of a baby registry. The baby registry will be loaded with items that the new parents will need for their baby, so you know that anything purchased off of the registry will be much appreciated.

    Some individuals may not want to buy something right off the registry as they feel that does not show that they have put thought into their gift. If that is the case, use the registry as a starting point so that you can get an idea of what the new parents want and you can then add your personal twist to it. You can find other websites which offer unique and beautiful baby gifts delivered to Ireland, the UK and Europe online which will undoubtedly have the perfect gift for you to give.

    Buy Gifts as a Group

    Some of the items which you may see on the gift registry will be “big ticket items” which could cost more than you are individually able to spend. These items may include:

    • Cots;
    • High chairs; and
    • Swings.

    For these items, get together with other friends and family members and each pitch in a certain amount of money to buy these items. You can still give a separate smaller gift to give the gift a personal touch (such as a sleeper or pair of shoes).

    Consider the Season the Baby Is Being Born in

    One mistake which a lot of baby shower attendees make is they purchase clothing that is not suitable for the season the baby will be wearing it. A summer baby will not need a newborn-sized winter jacket, for example, just as a winter baby will have little use for a pair of cute newborn-sized sandals.

    The Bigger, the Better

    Baby clothes are cute and fun to shop for, which is why many baby shower attendees buy loads of newborn- to 6-month-old-sized clothes. Keep in mind that the soon-to-be parents will likely receive a lot of pieces of clothing in this size range (as well as likely having purchased some they like already). Strongly consider buying larger-sized clothing, such as for toddlers and preschoolers.

    Go Practical

    If you are really stumped for baby gift ideas, stick with the fundamental and practical items which you know will be used. This includes bottles, towels, blankets, and nappies.