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Where Can I Find The Right Corporate Business Travel Management?

    Corporate Business

    A corporate, depending on its services and size, might require frequent or occasional business travel. That said, sending employees on business trips can be a pain for an organization if not managed properly. And many factors come into play when planning travel for business purposes, such as logistics, finances, and employee safety. Since a business trip is critical to operations, organizations either set up an in-house department to take care of it or take the help of professional agencies that manage business tours.

    Corporate business travel management covers every aspect of the business trip, from finding budget-friendly airlines and hotels to arranging rental cars. Understanding how important it is, we have curated a list of resources that you can consider for your next travel meant for business.

    Online Tools

    • Airbnb for Work

    Airbnb for Work makes it easy for corporates to arrange the accommodation needs of their employees on a business trip. The app makes employee tracking easy, connects all the bookings to the corporate profile, and rents temporary spaces for holding meetings or conferences.

    • Flightfox

    The perfect place to make flight and hotel bookings online, Flightfox builds a network of tour agents and booking websites that help you find the budgeted deals. Not to mention one needs to be vigilant to get the best possible flight deals.

    • Trippeo

    Trippeo app is quite popular among corporate travellers for offering a combination of reservation and cost management services in one place. It allows saving the purchase and transaction receipts and emailing it directly to the finance team.

    Travel Management Agencies

    • American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT)

    While working in partnership with leading international airlines, Amex caters to corporate travellers with its best-in-class preferred extras program designed for hotel bookings. Besides, it offers the dedicated Amex GBT Mobile App.  The company has integrated its booking platform with Lyft Business.

    • CWT

    Formerly known as Carlson Wagonlit Travel, CWT offers innovative solutions for managing corporate travel. Because of its expertise in handling the high frequency of flights and hotel bookings, CET is the most preferred choice among mega corporates. Its open API-based travel app myCWT simplifies domestic flight reservations.

    • FCM Travel Solution

    FCM has earned numerous accolades for negotiated airfares and hotel booking rates. With a large chain of major airlines and hotels worldwide, FCM suits the best medium and large enterprises. Its FCM Connect assists travel managers and business travelers with travel management.

    An effective corporate business travel management plan can directly impact the cost control strategy of an organization. With traveling involved in the business, it becomes imperative for a corporate to draft travel policies that manage travel bookings and track travel expenses. We strongly believe that the resources we have mentioned here could bring efficiency and result in cost savings.