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Points To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Gold Ornaments


    Human beings and women in particular love to wear golden ornaments that have become a passion around the world. Candidly, gold is a sign of prosperity, purity and opulence. Inflation does not put any serious effect on the value of gold that can be liquidated on instant basis. Buying gold and ornaments made from this most precious metal needs some considerations.

    Following tips are much beneficial while bringing home golden ornaments from prominent concerns including Birmingham Jewellers:

    • Variations – One must understand that the value of gold depends upon three things, i.e. design, grain weight and purity. These aspects affect its quality and price. Most golden ornaments bear markings in them that indicate towards its caratage that is the symbol of its purity. It may be noted that pure gold is much soft to touch when we intend to use for making any jewelers items. Some sort of alloys including copper, silver, zinc or nickel must be added to pure gold to make it strong enough and durable. Golden ornaments are usually available in eighteen, twenty two or twenty four carats. Generally it is 24K, the highest carat number.
    • Price – The major parameter to determine the price of the gold is its purity which depends much upon the alloy that is mixed and the labor charges. Complex designs of gold ornaments are priced higher than simple designer pieces.
    • Color- Surprising but true, golden ornaments are available in varied colours; i.e., rose, white and yellow. Two-tone styles, i.e. a mixture of different colors are also available. Mixing pure gold with other metals results in a new and diverse color palette. Large section of the society in the US prefers white gold that comes into existence by mixing white metals like silver or palladium into pure gold. Copper when mixed with pure gold results in soft pink or rose colors. You may wonder that people aspirant to possess black, purple or green-colored golden ornaments can also have them. However, it is the yellow gold that has been and exists in greater demand across the world.
    • Classification – Hallmarking systems prevalent in many countries including India control the identification of the golden ornaments. Prominent companies including Birmingham Jewellers always stamp their golden products that bear the caratage, fineness and other identifying marks. BIS Hallmarking Scheme, prevalent in India has been authorized by the Indian Government. It has since been recognized under the Vienna Convention 1972, the international agency.
    • Company’s reputation – The major tip to be considered is the reputation of the company from whom you intend to purchase the golden ornaments. It must have a long-standing in the market. A brand like the Birmingham Jewellers must be well established and enjoy proven authenticity and reliability since the last many years.
    • Rate – The last point that needs to be kept in mind is the rate. No hidden charges should be included in the bills. Beware of the unscrupulous vendors that may dupe you with poor quality of gold by charging lowest rates. Pay some extra money but do bring home the worthy pieces of golden ornaments that are a safe investment.

    The above few tips go a long way in buying genuinely priced golden ornaments that prove their worth forever.