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4 Virtual Event Tips That Help You Stand Out

    Virtual Event Tips

    With the onset of the global Covid 19 pandemic, the amount of events virtually has been on a rise. There has been an increase of more than 1000% for searching the term ‘virtual events’ according to Google Trends. At times like these, it is important to key factors that will make your virtual event stand out from the rest. Here are four virtual event tips that will take your event to the next level:-

    • Appealing and attractive is what your content should be

    People come from distant places to attend an in-person event and thus have greater commitment to it. For virtual events, however, all they have to do is tap a link on their device and they are connected immediately. They can leave as easily as they joined and are thus prone to more distractions and lack of interest. The only way to make them stay and enjoy your event is if the content you provide is interesting enough to keep them engaged. Encourage your attendees to participate in the discussion through the help of polls and interactive elements. You should incorporate engrossing auditory and visual elements to the event to keep the attendees occupied.

    • Choose a Proficient Platform 

    Picking a random video calling platform that is popular at the moment is a mistake you do not want to make. Spend some time researching reliable platforms that have features that are required to run your event smoothly. 

    • Pre-record Entertainment Sessions

    While live speakers are essential for any virtual event, some pre-recorded videos can help you spruce up the event as well. Moreover, pre-recorded content can save you in time of technical glitches where the speaker gets cut off and the attendees are left with an empty screen. Pre-recording a portion of your content gives you the benefit of organising and arranging the points more properly and acts as an overall great addition to the live stream.

    • Incorporate Breakout Sessions

    You can prevent attendee fatigue by introducing breakout sessions in the middle of events. Instead of continuously bombarding your attendees with information from speakers after speakers, give them a rest for once in a while so they can return to the event re-energised and freshened up. Your attendees will appreciate a break especially in very long events that occur in a span of several hours. Depending on the type of event, you can either include calming meditation and yoga classes in these breakout sessions or interactive activities for them to participate. 

    Virtually events are definitely here to stay for at least a few years now. It is imperative to keep on looking for newer ways to improve the experience people have in these events. These four tips can help you maintain the attention and interest of the guests for your events virtually.