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Self-Advocacy Tips For Interviewing and Negotiating


    Both the job search and negotiation process can be arduous and draining at times. However, it can also be quite rewarding once you land the position or get the promotion you have been vying for. One way to help yourself during the job search and in the workforce is to practice self-advocacy. 

    What is Self-Advocacy?

    Self-advocacy is the skill of speaking up for yourself and communicating your worth to others. It also involves sending boundaries for yourself and others. Skill-wise, self-advocacy is particularly important to implement during the interview and term negotiation process of the job search. 

    Self-Advocacy During Interviews

    During an interview, you must self-advocate by positioning yourself as an expert on yourself and the field. Part of playing the expert is explaining deficiencies you might have, and being able to highlight facts not found on your resume

    Self-Advocacy in the Negotiation Process

    Once you receive a job offer, it is extremely important to advocate for yourself in what is called the negotiation process. If you’re not used to negotiating, it can feel awkward to do so with your future employer. To negotiate properly, consider what is most important to you at work. 

    • Extra paid time off
    • Solid health, vision, and dental benefits
    • Flexible work hours 
    • A minimum salary
    • Growth opportunities within the company 

    Whatever is worth negotiating, just remember, you are setting yourself up for happiness and success by advocating now. 

    To build your self-advocacy skills, Job Hero has three different printables to help you self-advocate during the job search process. You can download each printable by clicking the links below or click here to download all of them.