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Getting A Late-Night Drink Has Never Been Easier


    We understand it. Sometimes after a long day, you might just need a stronger drink to relax and chill. However, you might be too tired to leave home and go to the nearest bar, I mean, if there is one near where you live. There is where all-night alcohol delivery service comes to help. On Boozeup, you can enjoy a late-night alcohol delivery service throughout a number of areas, including London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex, where you can simply click a few buttons online, then get your booze right in front of your door.

    All kinds of alcohol you may imagine

    Different people have different preferences for their drinks. Therefore, we here at Boozeup have a wide array of booze for our customers to choose from. From your regular beer, to some fancy wine, to the exciting spirits, we got you all covered. So, no matter if you are running out of shots at a party, or just needed that extra bottle of wine for that particular night, you can always come to us. We offer alcohol of the usual brands you can see so you do not have to worry about not finding your favorite. There is a total of 155 products available on Boozeup, including Kronenbourg 1664, Stella, Peroni, Red Stirp, Heineken & Fosters only for beer! For spirits, we would definitely not miss big brands like Smirnoff, Absolute Vodka, Captain Margan Rum, Bombay Sapphire, Gordons Gin Courvoisier and Hennessy Cognacs. As for our wine section, we are proud to announce that it is growing from 15 various brands and types. For the morning-after mimosa, you can have 8 types to choose from.

    What’s more

    If you are calling for our service, we assume that you are having fun, so we thoughtfully put more products into our catalogue, including soft drinks, cigarettes, plastic cups, ice cubes, limes and even condoms in order to make your night wonderful and safe. Considering our cigarette-loving friends, we provide them with an all-day delivery of well-known cigarette brands like Mayfair, Benson & Hedges, Marlboro, Camel Blue and Vogue cigarettes to make sure they can have a puff with their booze. Another important thing would be food and snacks. What is better than wine? I would say pizza AND wine! We have a 24-hour pizza delivery along with our wine delivery, so just give us a call or order online to enjoy an amazing night in with your friends, family or lover.

    Fast and furious

    Speed is a key to our services. We totally get it, when you are ordering online or calling us, it might probably be a case of emergency. So, we made ourselves a service pledge to deliver your booze safe and fast. Our average delivery time is actually 15 – 35 minutes only! We aim to provide fast and reliable all-night alcohol delivery service for our fellows in London, Surrey, Kent and Middlesex.

    What are you waiting for? Order from us and prepare for the night.