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War Gaming

The Long Tradition Of War Gaming

    Archaeologists have discovered a backgammon set that dates to 5000 years ago. Like many games of this type, backgammon – including variations of the ancient Egyptian game of Senet – was often played for both leisure and to hone the strategic skills of ancient military tacticians. These games of skill are strategic war games involving a tree of decision making and a contest between two opposing sides.Read More »The Long Tradition Of War Gaming

    Pack Baby Clothes

    5 Tips To Pack Baby Clothes Like A Pro For Travel

      Packing of baby clothes for travel is not as easy as it seems. It requires real time and effort to pack the baby’s clothes bag for traveling along with your baby. Many parents take their house along with them when it comes to traveling with the babies. We understand the idea behind it is to make the baby feel homely and comfortable. This way you can also have everything in the hands and you don’t have to roam around for the tiny little needs of your babies. But the fact is, you have to understand that you are going out for traveling and not shifting to another place. Therefore instead of taking several bags altogether, you must travel with a baby in a backpack and suitcase. Everything that fits in these two bags is more than enough to carry along with you for a trip of a week with the toddler. The only thing that you need to remember is to keep everything on your fingertips. And by fingertips we mean that keep these two bags in your hands wherever you go. Basically, the idea behind how to pack baby clothes for travel is keeping essentials handy. With that being said, here are some of the tips that can help you pack your bags better while traveling with your baby.Read More »5 Tips To Pack Baby Clothes Like A Pro For Travel