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I first learned of PR Couture last year when I was brainstorming the idea of starting this blog. I’m always interested in tips and information that’s related to my field of marketing and public relations and Founder, Crosby Noricks does just that! Her newly redesigned site serves as a resource for both entry-level and seasoned professionals seeking insight into the public relations, marketing and social media side of fashion pr. I reached out to Crosby earlier this year and I’m excited to share some of her best advice with you plus she’s giving away a digital PDF copy of her book “Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR”. Meet Crosby Noricks!


What are 5 things that you have learned as an entrepreneur?

1. You are not your job! Because we spend so much time at work, and with the people we work with, it can be easy to get confused about what our work says about who we are and what our value is in the world. On a bad day, it’s good to take a breath and say it like a mantra, “I am not my job, I am not my job.”

2. Self-reliance is a beautiful thing. There are infinite ways to make money. Figuring out how to create your own financial security outside of the traditional, salaried position is a worthwhile pursuit and immensely gratifying.

3. Most of the time, it’s just not about you. There is a reason why going to work can often feel like being stuck in middle school. You will often be working with people who have very little self-awareness and who are projecting their insecurities, issues and fears onto you or the situation. Recognize that often, a certain dynamic has very little to do with you, and a whole lot to do with things that are completely out of your control. Remain poised and attempt as much sympathy as you can, while still keeping your boundaries.

4. Sometimes, it is about you. It can be easy to get into the habit of making complaints about your job. The truth is you always have a choice; you can stay or you can leave. As long it makes more sense for you to stay, figure out a way to be there and be happy about it. Here’s another truth; the happier you are about being at work, the better time you will have. Every day, before you even check your email, tell yourself five things to be grateful for about your job, and commit to having the best day you can.

5. Your delivery is everything! Whether you are asking for a raise, critiquing someone’s work,negotiating on a deliverable or asking for help, how you construct and communicate has an incredible amount to do with how you are perceived and how your communication is received. Consider the best way to approach someone before you reach out and try to spend more time listening than you do speaking. And finally spell check everything. Twice.

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What has helped you to become “a better you”?
Being willing to invest in myself and in my business with individuals who I enjoy working with and who enjoy supporting me. Learning from those experts and actually putting their recommendations into practice. A lot of personal loss, actually, which has made me more self-reliant and appreciative of quiet, calm days. Trying new things and ideas and teaching myself that I can trust myself.


What are 5 things that “SHE should have”?
Tremendous friendships (a friend to shop with, a friend to cry with, a friend to dance with, a friend to travel with and a friend to make art with to start!)

2. A perfectly-fitting black blazer

3. A willingness to be generous

4. The ability to draw clear boundaries

5. An attention-getting statement necklace or scarf (a great way to invite conversation and compliments)

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